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Essential Oils Origin From Indonesia

Essential Oils Origin From Indonesia

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Botanical name: Citrus aurantium

Plant origin: Rind

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Aroma: Citrus, sweet and bitter

Odor intensity: High

Evaporation Rate: Top note

Orange essential oil or orange oil is oil extracted from citrus fruits. According to the New Directions Aromatic alerts article, this fresh citrus oil has many benefits for beauty.

Here are some of them :

#Brighten the Skin

If applied to the face, orange essential oil will make the skin brighter. This oil is especially beneficial for those who suffer from eczema.

#Helps restore skin

Orange essential oil can be combined with other oils like frankincense or tea tree to help the skin's healing process.

#Prevents Acne

Combine orange essential oil and a little coconut oil as a carrier, then wipe the face with acne. This oil concoction can help kill bacteria, relieve inflammation, and reduce pain caused by inflammatory acne.

#Clean the face

If you need a powerful cleanser to reduce acne without making your skin dry, use a mixture of essential oils, honey, apple vinegar, and coconut oil as a carrier.

#Overcoming Oily Skin

Citrus essential oils are also efficacious for reducing excess oil levels in the skin. Use water that has been dropped with orange essential oil to wash your face at night. always provides quality products that have been tested Labolatorium, Essential oils sold by us will not disappoint because it meets Export quality standards.

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