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Selling essential oils to United States - Lemongrass Oil

Posted by on Sabtu, 01 Februari 2020

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Essential Oil United States

Citronella is divided into 2 varieties, namely lemongrass flexuosus (Cymbopogon flexuosus) and citronella citratus (Cymbopogon citratus). In the world of essential oil trade, flexuosus lemongrass oil is called East Indian lemongrass oil (East Indian kitchen citronella oil). While citratus citratus is known as West Indian lemongrass oil (West Indian kitchen citronella oil). Both can flourish in Indonesia even though the most is the West Indian type. The most obvious difference between the two lies in the properties of the oil produced. East India lemongrass oil is more valuable than West India, mainly because of its higher citral content.

Lemongrass Oil

Be careful with other products at low prices, it could be mixed with water / alcohol!

Scientific name: Cymbopogon citratus

Origin of Oil: Rhizome

Extraction: Steam Distillation

Aroma: Lemon, Fresh

Evaporation Medium: Middle Note

Country of Origin: Indonesia (+62)

  • Physical-chemical properties Type East Indian - Type West Indian

Specific gravity, 25oC = 0.8902 - 0.8731

Refractive index, 25oC = 1.487 - 1.4587

Optical rotation = +0.25 - +0.2

Solubility in ethanol 70% = 1: 2 - 1: 4

Citral&Gerania levels = 75% - 85.1%

  • Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil :

- natural deodorant

- Mosquito repellent

- Skin health

- Hair health

- Natural insect repellent

- Reduces Stress and Helps Sleep Better

- Relieve muscle spasms, back pain, sprains and cramps

- detoxification

- Relieve menstruation

- Treat stomach aches, nausea and diarrhea

- Relieve Headaches

- Killing Bacteria

- Reducing Fever

- Supports the Immune System

- Treating Digestive Disorders

- Reduces inflammation

- Against the flu or cold

Our Lemongrass Oil is harvested from local farmers and locally produced. By buying this essential oil, you have helped empower local farmers.



- Burn using Aromatherapy Furnaces, or

- Drop 2-10 drops on the Diffuser, or

- Drop 2-10 drops in the tub to soak (feel your skin smooth!)

- Use as a massage oil always provides quality products that have been tested Labolatorium, Essential oils sold by us will not disappoint because it meets Export quality standards.

To order Qiandra Atsiri (Lemon Oil) can be made via the Contact below :

Email : [email protected]

Phone number : (+62) 812 8682 0363

WhatsApp : +6281286820363

Urgent :

- We do not provide free samples

- Orders above 5 kg are required to attach a Purchase Order

- For prices that we install do not include postage

- We use seeds East Indian

- Slow Response for Whatsapp Chat & Email

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