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Selling pure Cajuput oil for export to Singapore - Cajuput Oil

Posted by on Jumat, 27 Desember 2019

Eseential Oil Singapore - Cajuput Oil

There are many kinds of rubbing oil, but none are as famous as eucalyptus oil. Almost every household, from all economic strata, keeps this rubbing oil in the family medicine cabinet.

Eucalyptus oil is the easiest body warmer to get, especially for babies. Eucalyptus oil is commonly used in massage, as aromatherapy, even in the fragrance industry.

The name eucalyptus is taken from the color of the white trunk.

Eucalyptus, also called gelam, is quoted from, is a herbaceous plant, which mainly grows naturally in eastern Indonesia, in the Maluku islands, in Sulawesi, and northern Australia, which then spread to Java. In the East Nusa Tenggara region, especially Flores, people call it kapepe.

Eucalyptus, including recalcitrant plants. Easy to grow in the barren or hot land, can also grow in wet areas. In the book Herbs and Ornamental Plants, Antidote to Mosquitoes and Air Pollution (2006), it is mentioned that these plants can grow in good or poorly drained soil, with high salt or acid levels, and even tolerant of fire.

Eucalyptus grows from coastal areas near mangroves, on sandy soil, marshy soils, up to 400 meters above sea level.

Its scientific name, Melaleuca leucadendra, (L.), L., with the synonym Melaleuca leucadendron. Taxonomists include it in members of the guava tribe, Myrtaceae.

Eucalyptus is a small trunked tree plant. Its branches hang down. The name eucalyptus refers to its white, multi-layered bark, with a peeling surface. Eucalyptus bark contains chemicals lignin and melaleucin.

The shape of the leaves is pointy, with the leaf bones parallel to the spear. Eucalyptus leaves contain chemical compounds of essential oil sineol, alpha-terpineol, valeraldehyde, and benzaldehyde.

The flowers are white. The fruit, containing flying oil containing sineol, terpinol, butter acid, and valerianic acid.

All parts of the plant emit a distinctive aroma of eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is volatile. On a hot day, the distinctive aroma of eucalyptus oil can be smelled by people who are close to this tree.

The leaves and twigs are mainly used as a source of eucalyptus oil, which in English is called cajuput oil, by extracting the oil.

  • Get natural eucalyptus oil from products that are well-known in Indonesia :

Natuna&Qiandra Cajuput Essential Oil
Size: 10ml For Sample
Code: N103169
Type: Pure Essential Oil
Grade: Therapeutic-grade
Certified: Organic
Origin: Indonesian
Latin Name: Melaleuca Leucandendra


Cajuput or commonly known as eucalyptus oil has a refreshing aroma and has a strong eucalyptus aroma. It has long been used to treat laryngitis and sore throats. Is the right choice in cold conditions, flu, asthma and rheumatic treatment. This oil is not only effective for preventing colds, but also for overcoming illness conditions, such as sports injuries, muscle stiffness, arthysis, rheumatism, gout, neurology, catholics and cramps due to menstruation and intestinal problems. Eucalyptus oil is a great mixture for treating itching due to insect bites, exim, psoriasis treatment and skin allergies.

6 Main Benefits of Cajuput Essential Oil :

1. Reducing anxiety and emotional stress.
2. Provides a relaxing effect for the body.
3. Anti-inflammatory and Natural Pain Reliever.
4. Stimulate the immune system.
5. Helps reduce flu & cough
6. Helps treat itching due to insect bites.

How to use :
- Burned using an Aromatherapy furnace or dropped 2-10 drops on the Diffuser as. Aromatherapy to provide a relaxing effect and get many benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil.

- Mixed with Natuna Oilvera Carier Oil, apply on the neck or use for massage to provide a calming effect, making sleep more soundly.

- Dropped 2-10 drops in the tub to soak. always provides quality products that have been tested Labolatorium, Essential oils sold by us will not disappoint because it meets Export quality standards.

To order Qiandra Atsiri (Cajuput Oil) can be made via the Contact below :

Email : [email protected]

Phone number : (+62) 812 8682 0363

WhatsApp : +6281286820363

Country : Indonesian

Urgent :

- We do not provide free samples

- Orders above 5 kg are required to attach a Purchase Order

- For prices that we install do not include postage

- Slow Response for Whatsapp Chat & Email

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